L’Ampolla to Olles ponds


from Villa L’Oliver, 40.807861,0.703087 , to the S: El Goleró and Les Olles Lagoon; possible extension to Pier shellfish nurseries

by the sea coast and beaches (2.1 km from L’Ampolla, 25 minutes walk, about 4 minutes by car or bicycle to Les Olles Lagoon, or 10 km from L’Ampolla, about 25 min by bicycle to Pier shellfish nurseries

The walk can start from the villa along the Ronda de Mar to the S by the beaches and seaside. The shortcoming of Les Olles occupies 54 hectaresand is the smallest lagoon in the National Park of the Ebro Delta, the largest wetland of Catalonia is one of the largest in the Mediterranean region. With a total area of 7736 hectares more than 500 different species provide great potential in terms of vegetation, where there are beds of reeds, rushes, the river eucalyptus and honeysuckle. But do not forget the rice, beans stars in the region, whose production occupies vast tracts of the delta. As for wildlife, birds are very important to quantify the area between 50,000 and 100,000 individuals of 300 different species. El Goleró has a simple restaurant with typical local cuisine and a small shop ideal to rent bikes to visit the Llacuna de les Olles and continue to Pier shellfish nurseries . For this interesting extension, avoid hot weather of the central hours in July and August; better in the early morning or evening, not later the sunset (mosquitoes because). (more information)

The road till El Goleró is fully suitable for cars, but is not yet reported by Google maps.

  • A – Platja El Goleró 40.792513,0.704321 (1250 m from Villa L’Oliver, about 4 minutes by car or bicycle, or 17 min walk
  • B – Les Olles Lagoon and Bar Restaurant EL GOLERO 40.791953,0.70346 (2.1 km from L’Ampolla, about 4 minutes by car or bicycle, or 25 min walk
  • C – Panoramic viewpoint 40.788584,0.706429 (10 min more walk from Bar Restaurant EL GOLERO to the panoramic viewpoint
  • D – Pier shellfish nurseries 40.766404,0.73769 (10 km from L’Ampolla, about 25 min by bicycle; 20 min more by bicycle from Les Olles Lagoon

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