Miami Platja to l’Hospitalet de l’Infant



It may begin in Cala dels Vienessos, or any of the other creeks heading towards the SW. by Passeig Mediterraneo, with wonderful views over the coast along the Passeig Maritimo, along the 2 km of Platja Cristal, crossing the wooden bridge to the Nautic Club Hospitalet.

The walk can be done on foot or, better, by bicycle.

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Coordinates Place Letter on Map
41.014304,0.948649 Cala dels Vienessos A
41.013191,0.947039 Cala de les Sirenes B
41.01022,0.944308 Cala del Solitari C
41.009581,0.94272 Cala Misteri D
41.006617,0.939893 Cala Bot (or California) E
41.004225,0.938273 Cala dels Àngels F
41.003043,0.937667 Platja Cristal N. G
40.99333,0.932292 Platja Cristal S. H
40.992326,0.930704 wooden bridge I
40.989499,0.926649 Nautic Club Hospitalet J

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