Serra del Montsià


Highly recommended for hiking magnets. 2 -3 hours of trekking across woods and old abandoned houses witha a natural lookout on the delta.


The Serra del Montsià is a mountain range parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, located south of the Terres de l’Ebre. The Foradada is about 700 meters above sea level. This is a very unique top with a large natural hole. The view covers the entire area of the Ebro Delta, as if it were a magnificent picture carved into the limestone.

Montsià – Camí de Matarredona (33 km from Ampolla, about 35 minutes drive) 40.640235,0.557283

  • Mas de Matarredona (starting at 40.640235,0.557283 and then 2 h walk across) 40.640824,0.538995 ( then to La Foradada 40.632259,0.544285)
  • La Foradada (natural viewpoint on the delta at 700 m altitude) 40.632259,0.544285 (then 1 h 20 min walk coming back to the car at 40.640235,0.557283)

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