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in L’ Ampolla

A – Town Council, Local police and services – Coord. 40.813231, 0.709581 Plaça Manel Ferré, 3 43895 L’Ampolla Tel. 977 460 018

B – Tourist board – Coord. 40.810787,0.707585 Ronda del Mar, 12 43895 L’Ampolla Tel. 977 593 011

C – Viatges Delta Turístic & rent – Coord. 40.812729,0.713333 Av. Barceloneta, 28 43895 L’Ampolla Tel. 977 46 08 39

D – Club Nautic – Coord. 40.810500, 0.708286 is always fun and warm, not sophisticated.

It has a good bar and restaurant and centers main sailing and fishing activities.

E – Railway station – Coord. 40.811962,0.708026

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up to 5 km

E – Les Olles Lagoon – coord. 40.791861,0.703572 (2.1 km from L’Ampolla, about 4 minutes by car or bicycle, 25 min walk
Very highly recommended the walk from the apartment to the S. by cycling along the Ronda de Mar.

The shortcoming of Les Olles occupies54 hectaresand is the smallest lagoon in the National Park of the Ebro Delta, the largest wetland of Catalonia is one of the largest in the Mediterranean region. With a total area of 7736 hectares more than 500 different species provide great potential in terms of vegetation, where there are beds of reeds, rushes, the river eucalyptus and honeysuckle. But do not forget the rice, beans stars in the region, whose production occupies vast tracts of the delta. As for wildlife, birds are very important to quantify the area between 50,000 and 100,000 individuals of 300 different species.

El Goleró restaurant, typical local cuisine.

Ideal to rent bikes at the Llacuna de les Olles. Avoid hot weather of the central hours in July and August; better in the early morning or evening.

F – The Pitch & Putt Ampolla – coord. 40.787674,0.681537 (3.4 km from Ampolla, about 8 minutes drive
Highly recommended for golfers.
This pitch and putt was designed and built by golf professionals who have sought integration into the soft ground of the difficulty in some of its holes. It occupies a total area of 72.511m2 and has a clubhouse, a driving range with 11 mats, a putting green, an approach zone and 18 holes, which have a distance between 55m and 105m, making a total length of 1.407m, where the existence of a barrier lake is the clearance between the holes 10 and 11. The outdoor installations offer two official measures paddle courts.

The excursion from L’Ampolla to Platja Cap Roig (3 km) is very nice but a bit hard.

Perhaps you can better short and easy your promenade by leaving your vehicle at

G – Platja Cap Roig – coord. 40.822044,0.732467, H- Perales Restaurant or I – Les Oliveres Resort & Spa and start there your excursion.

The excursion in fact has no limit because it follows the cost always finding subjects of interest.

H – Perales restaurant – coord. 40.824224,0.735305 (4.3 km from L’Ampolla, about 8 min by car

Highly recommended.

Very nice site just by the sea, close to Platja Cap Roig, on GR 92 track.

I – Les Oliveres Resort – coord. 40.8249,0.740036 (4.8 km from L’Ampolla, about 9 min by car

Highly recommended.

It can be a stop when walking along the coast. Very good viewpoint to see the north of the delta.

The resort was built in 2005. It has three floors with a total of 127 rooms and 90 apartments. It has a bicycle storage facility, a kids club (for kids can spend their free time) …
The hotel has installations open to non residents: a sauna, solarium, Turkish bath, massage, indoor pool, many swimming pools with sun loungers and parasols, snack bar, the water aerobics, archery and aerobics, play table tennis, squash, billiards, mini-golf, animation activities and a gym.

J – l’Àliga Cape – coord. 40.845781,0.751155

by the GR-92 track (7.2 km from L’Ampolla, about 12 minutes by car, 2 h 20 min walk

Very highly recommended.

The walk can start from the villa by walking along the Ronda de Mar to the NE.The suggested route crosses the village along the port and leaves L’Ampolla in the direction of l’Ametlla de Mar running along the GR 92 track. It takes in beautiful, almost totally unspoilt spots scattered along the coast. Rocky sections are interrupted by small pebbled coves where the stones heap up, dragged along by the torrents during the flood season. Good beaches and unthinkable creeks watching the delta.

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up to 50 km

A – Tortosa – coord. 40.8151429,0.5234879 (24 km from L’Ampolla, about 25 minutes drive
Historical and commercial center. Tortosa is located on the Ebro at 12 meters above the sea level. It was under the Moors rule for several centuries. For many years it was the border line. It was finally conquered by the Count Raymond Berenger IV of Barcelona in 1148. Legend tells that the men had gone to work in the fields, and it was only women of Tortosa, armed with simple axes, who defended the city. Remembering this, every woman born in Tortosa has the right to display an ax carried right on the back of his garment.
The Castle of Sant Joan or Zuda is a great fortress built by Abd al-Rahman III dominates its skyline. The Cathedral of Santa Maria was begun in the year 1347. B – Market – coord. 40.810558,0.520018 C – Old Railway Bridge – coord. 40.809341,0.518529, now connecting with the Green way to Benifallet and Horta de Sant Joan, described later.

D – MonNatura Ebro Delta – coord. 40.645065, 0.739409 (26 km from Ampolla, about 38 minutes drive
Highly recommended for bird and cycling magnets.
A mirror 360 º on the lagoon The Tancada with teleobjectives to observe pink flamingos. E – Shelters to observe the birds and take pictures – coord. 40.646349,0.75708

F – Benifallet old station – coord. 40.967620, 0.497190 (40 km from Ampolla, about 45 minutes drive
Highly recommended to bicycle magnets.

Going along the road C-12 exactly at G – coord. 40.964509, 0.509056 take the deviation to “Via Verda” “Antiga estació de Benifallet”, the old station at F – coord. 40.967620, 0.497190, let the car and the bicycle. That is one of the best places to start following the infrastructure created for the railway and now dedicated to biking.

A bike path runs through many tunnels that are generally dark, so you had to carry a flashlight or headlight to see. In Spain there are over 1900 km of disused railway infrastructure. It was converted into numerous biking and hiking in the Greenways Program, coordinated by the Spanish Foundation of Railways.

The starting point can be choosen according to our physical form. We can start from Horta de Sant Joan, Xerta or the old station of Benifallet. It is in the middle of the itinerary.
H – Bot – coord. 41.007219, 0.383742 is another possible starting point. It is remarkable for its vineyards and cuisine. I – coord. Restaurant Can Josep 41.011058, 0.385698

Allow 2 hours for up to 15 km from Benifallet to Horta de Sant Joan, to go, and less than 1 hour to come back.
J – Horta de Sant Joan – coord. 40.955578,0.314945 is the most emblematic population. Here Pablo Picasso spent some time that inspired him. It is worth to visit the medieval city center and the arcades of the Plaza de la Iglesia. It is remarkable for its cuisine. K – Fonda Miralles – coord. 40.957359,0.316213, Picasso souvenirs and nice views and old buildings L – Convent de Sant Salvador – coord. 40.956890, 0.331782

M – Montsià camí of Matarredona – coord. 40.640035, 0.557392 (33 km from Ampolla, about 35 minutes drive plus some 2h 30 min hiking
Highly recommended for hiking magnets.

Going along the road N-340 exactly at N – coord. 40.630540, 0.582276, take Cami de Mata-Redona
2 -3 hours of trekking across woods and old abandoned houses witha a natural lookout on the delta.
The Serra del Montsià is a mountain range parallel to the Mediterranean Sea, located south of the Terres de l’Ebre. The Foradada is about 700 meters above sea level. This is a very unique top with a large natural hole. The view covers the entire area of the Ebro Delta, as if it were a magnificent picture carved into the limestone.

O – Termes Montbrió – coord. 41.118071, 1.004962 (50 km from Ampolla, about 39 min drive Highly recommended to the magnets of spa and kitchen.
The spa includes an indoor thermal pool, whirlpool, sauna and Turkish bath. Various massages and health and beauty can also be booked. You can taste the cuisine with dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients.

P – Golf Club Bonmont – coord. 41.039698, 0.923368 (41 km from Ampolla, about 30 min drive
Very highly recommended for golfers.
Even the sightseeing of the Costa Daurada deserves a visit by everyone.

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up to 100 km

A – Port Aventura – Coord. 41.093948,1.153589 (56 km from Ampolla, about 37 min drive
Very highly recommended.
Port Aventura: Its most famous feature is the terrifying Dragon Khan – eight of Europe’s largest roll with no less than eight 360-degree loop-the loop.
(I have not been decided to try for now: too much for me).
But many other sites very enjoyable and interesting for everyone!
Golfers may want to leave the rest of the family to Port Aventura while they enjoy a day at one of the excellent way in the region. There are 18 holes in Reus and Mont-Roig del Camp.

B – Reus – coord. 41.154861,1.108848 (at 61 km, about 40 min

Highly recommended. Accessible with the PLANA buses, approx. every thirty minutes. Better with you own car.

C – Tarragona – coord. 41.11365,1.256218 (at 67 km, about 44 min

Very highly recommended. You can go by train, or car.

Famed for its rich Roman history. Walk the Ramblas down to the Mediterranean viewing platform before turning left into the old town. Here you can marvel at the remains of the Roman amphitheatre and Gothic cathedral which nestle amongst classic Spanish architecture. The town is dotted with Tourist information points, many of which are shaped like a crystal dome. These provide a wide range of information such as free maps listing the various attractions around the town.

D – Peñíscola – Coord. 40.358664,0.407589 (71 km from Ampolla, about 50 min

Highly recommended. Better by car.

Peñíscola, also known as the City in the Sea, is crowned at the top of rock upon which it stands by Pope Luna’s Castle, a Templar fortress dating back to 1307 and which was transformed into an impregnable watchtower, surrounded as it was by the set of walls that protect the OldTown.

E – Montblanc – Coord. 41.375967,1.162351 (at 91 km, about 1 hour

Highly recommended. Just go around to understand how was the medieval town. You need most energy to go on to the monasteries. If whether is hot , better to let it for the evening when coming back.

The 10th and 11th centuries seem to have been a period of relatively peaceful coexistence in which Muslims, Christians and Jews lived in the region of Montblanc. Convent of Sant Francesc, established around 1238. The church is in Romanesque-Gothic style. Gothic church of Santa Maria (14th century). Follow 10 more km to:

F – The Royal Abbey of Santa Maria de Poblet – Coord. 41.380737,1.083499 (at 100 km, about 1 hour 10 min

Very highly recommended. Very nice to be visited even in hot weather. Main historical value.

This is a Cistercian monastery, founded in 1151, located at the feet of the Prades Mountains.This was the first of three sister monasteries, known as the Cistercian triangle, that helped consolidate power in Catalonia in the 12th century. (The other two are Santes Creus and Vallbona de les Monges of main interest too)

G – Siurana de Prades – Coord. 41.258812,0.936123 (at 98 km, about 1 hour 40 min

Highly recommended. Few foreign (and Spanish) people know this site. To understand country and nature, and the Muslim kingdomof Siurana!. You will see nice mountains and a feature of our history.

Muslims entered the Iberian peninsulain 711. At 714 already installed in Catalonia, following the old Roman roads as a journey of conquest. The effective occupation of territory was made gradually, as it is possible that the first Muslim population was nomadic, and not settle permanently until mid-ninth century. The territoryof Siurana not start to matter until the eleventh century, when it became a frontline defense of Islam, mainly from mid-century, because of the first attempts of the Count of Barcelona, Ramon Berenguer I, occupied the city of Tarragona.

You are at the Serra de Prades and looking to the Priorat

The central part of the comarca, “Priorat històric,” produces the famous and prestigious wine of Priorat. Ask somebody to visit some wineyard.

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more than 100 km

A- Montserrat – Coord. 41.592809,1.836263 (at 169 km from Salou, about 1 hours 45 min

Highly recommended. You can go by car or railway. Better to let the car in Monistrol and get the cogwheel railway.

High up the side of a mountain in the Montserrat national park is this 12th century Benedictine monastery. The monastery site feels like a small village and boast a variety of shops and restaurants alongside the religious offerings. The delicatessen and liqueur tasting are particularly popular and get busy very quickly.

The location offers fantastic views over the province, and for those brave enough to follow one of the many hilly walking trails some fantastic photo opportunities await. Nearby camping facilities make this site very popular with walkers.

B – Barcelona – Coord. 41.3844325,2.1751539 (170 km from L’Ampolla, about 1 hour 50 min

Very highly recommended. You can go by train, or car.

Train takes you in the center (Paseig de Gracia station in 2h 15min), and then you can do always by walking.

Try to fit in your holidays at least a day visit to the city of Barcelona with its mind blowing Gaudi architecture, famous fountains and Gothic cathedral. A stroll along the pedestrianised Las Ramblas with its colourful flower stalls and street cafes is a must. Do not skip the History Museum of Barcelona (centered at Plaça del Rei). Do not confuse with History Museum of Catalunya.

C – Valencia – Coord. 41.3844325,2.1751539 (195 km of L’Ampolla, approximately 1 hour 50 min drive
Highly recommended. The City of Arts and Sciences, Turia Gardens, Barrio del Carmen and mansions,
Plaza de la Virgen and the Cathedral Quarter, the Plaza del Mercado y Lonja de la Seda (Silk Exchange), and the Bioparc Oceanogràfic, the Albufera Natural Park …

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