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The gulf named Golfo de Sant Jordi (from Cap de Salou to Delta de l’Ebre) is one of the best fishing areas in the Spanish Mediterranean. The Ebro River brings a constant supply of nutrients which feeds plankton and all types of small fish, which at the same time feeds the larger predators. The waters close to the Ebro Delta are shallow and the sea bottom is sandy and muddy which come from the river. It is necessary to sail some miles in order to reach depths greater than 100 meters.

Along the Ebro river, there is considerable experience catching wild monster Catfish, Carp and Zander in a variety of methods from both boat and bank fishing. Ribarroja is well known by interesting captures.

Terres de l’Ebre has lots to offer for lovers of sailing. The mild, sunny climate and highly valued winds are great for doing this sport. Mainly in winter, the Mestral appears sometimes – a northwesterly wind which blows along this stretch of the Ebre River. Then we can enjoy a quick navigation with low waves because we can remain protected by the mountain ranges near the coast. Most days and mainly in summer, there are gentle sea breezes coming from the SW. It gives lots of enjoyment, since the two bays forming the Delta reduce the waves and allow marvellous navigation, while the sails can use all the strength of the wind.

This is why sportsmen and women from all over come here to fish and sail.

A – Club Nàutic Salou – 41.074608,1.130899

B – Club Nàutic Cambrils – 41.065827,1.064531

C – Club Nàutic Hospitalet Vandellós – 40.989163,0.926732

D – Port Calafat – 40.928575,0.849906

E – Port Sant Jordi d’Alfama – 40.915341,0.836097

F – Club Nàutic L’Ametlla – 40.879816,0.801014

G – Club Nàutic L’Ampolla – 40.810525,0.70814

H – Club Nàutic Riumar – 40.717794,0.842578

I – Riba-roja d’Ebre – 41.249838,0.482472

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