roads and distances

Coordinates Place Symbol on Map
40.807861,0.703087 Villa L’Oliver L’Ampolla Icon_Home
41.078501,1.122494 Apartament Carrer Barenys 24 Salou Icon_Home
41.008036,0.93888 Apartament Avinguda Paris 7 Miami platja Icon_Home
40.810933,0.520944 TORTOSA A
41.1191,1.245456 TARRAGONA B
41.155155,1.108769 REUS C
41.387048,2.170038 BARCELONA D
39.470241,-0.376475 VALENCIA E
40.416881,-3.703007 MADRID F

To find distances and the way from your site to any town , you can click on your coordinates or corresponding house simbol, and click again on ” From here ” . See then below the map. Put the town name into A and select ” miles or KM “.

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