Use of Maps


Our rentals are marked with a house symbol. Each other site of interest is identified by a letter . Examples:

Clicking on any symbol (house or letter) opens a small window with coordinates, name and the labels To here – From here and Street View . Click here for explanations on how to use these functions:

To here – From here / Street view

When you click directly on Street View, it opens a small window with a view on the site of the symbol.

We have selected carefully the coordinates of each marked site intending to give useful information.

Street view example

An impressive full screen window opens by clicking on the upper-right symbol to expand the image. Then you can start a realistic excursion by clicking on the point you want to move !

You can explore the surroundings by moving along all the paths proposed by Street View.

By clicking on the bottom-left Google label, you can open Google maps centered on the site. You can find and select all available ways on Street View.

On the bottom- right you can find many describing pictures on the site you are considering.


Street example


To use To here – From here it could be useful to retain the coordinates that you consider a preferred reference .

Click on how to arrive or a symbol of a map (house or letter), and copy its coordinates to retain this information .

The pages how to arrive have coordinates of our rentals in large characters for easy copying when using your smartphone.

Click on a second symbol and select To here or From here .

It opens a double box below the map having the coordinates of the last marked site.

map example

Put on the pink box A or B your preferred reference or any valid Google map coordinates or name ( Paris, Tarragona, Salou, L’Ampolla…)

Select ” by car ” or “on foot” by clicking the icon. Select ” miles or KM ” as additional options.

Click on ” GET DIRECTIONS “. You will obtain the distance, time estimation and some suggested routes.

Select among the ” Suggested routesconsidering carefully shortests paths when you do not know the site!!.

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