mobile WiFi


mobile WiFi ” , also called MiFi, is a portable Wi-Fi service that allows you easy to carry mobile internet.

You can use it at home and or in the car during your visits and excursions.

That allows to be connected to different devices simultaneously: iPhones, Androids, Windows8, laptops, iPads, tablets, PSPs, etc.

Roaming costs are avoided. Tariffs are reasonable and very flexible adapting to your individual needs.

Orientative costs can be some 30 euros for 3 days, 50 euros for a week or 80 euros for two weeks.

Several firms are offering mobile MiFi service also on Saturdays in Tarragona coast:

Rent a Wireless MIFI when you travel to Spain

You could contract it before coming or during your stage.

You can give the adress of your rental to deliver the mobile MiFi devices.

If you foresee not being there at that moment, you can advise us to be there or give an alternative adress.

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