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Montbrió Terms Club Golf Bonmont Montblanc Sta. Maria de Poblet Siurana
Prades Horta de St. Joan Escornalbou Peñíscola Montserrat

Montbrió terms

Highly recommended to the magnets of spa, and kitchen also.

The spa includes an indoor thermal pool, whirlpool, sauna and Turkish bath. Various massages and health and beauty can also be booked. You can taste the cuisine with dishes prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients.

Golf Club Bonmont

Very highly recommended for golfers.

There are many others golf clubs in the zone (see Sports/Golf), but the sightseeing of the Costa Daurada deserves a visit to Bonmont by everyone.


Highly recommended to history lovers.

Go around by what was the medieval town. You need energy to continue to the monasteries. If this is so hot, it’s best to leave for the evening, when coming back. The 10th and 11th centuries seem to have been a period of relatively peaceful coexistence in which Muslims, Christians and Jews have lived in the area of Montblanc. Convent of Sant Francesc, established around 1238. The church is Romanesque-Gothic style. The Gothic church of Santa Maria (14th century).,_Tarragona

Follow 10 more km to:

The Royal Abbey of Santa Maria de Poblet

Very highly recommended.

Very nice to be visited, even in hot weather. Main historical value. This is a Cistercian monastery, founded in 1151, located at the foot of Mountains.This Prades was the first of three sister monasteries, known as the Cistercian triangle, which helped to consolidate power inCatalonia in the 12th century. (The other two are of the Vallbona Monges Creus interest and principal as well)


Highly recommended to really know the country.

Few foreigners (and Spanish) know this site. The Muslim kingdom of Siurana!. To see the beautiful mountains and understand the important part our history. Muslims entered the Iberian Peninsula in 711. A 714 already installed in Catalonia, following the old Roman roads as a voyage of conquest.

Prades and Priorat

The central part of the county of Priorat, it produces the famous and prestigious wines of Priorat. See more details at:

Horta de Sant Joan

Recommended to really know the country.

Horta is a town with medieval village and beautiful scenery in the surrounding area. The southern part of the municipality has its boundaries with Els Ports de Tortosa – Besseit. With its rugged landscape, offers places of great beauty, as Benet Rocks.
The Franqueta at the foot of Els Ports, Estrets dels riverside, is a place to enjoy nature and make excellent excursions.
The greenway Terra Alta passes very close to the town, which is the old railway line from the Val de Zafán that will Matarraña (Teruel) and reaches Alcaniz.


A breathtaking view over the Costa Dorada and El Priorat.

Escornalbou mountain was located on the boundary between Christian and Muslim lands so served as a refuge for many Saracens fleeing the Reconquista. The Catalan Christianization was finalized after the conquest of Siurana (Priory) by Albert Castellvell in 1153. Nine years after the occupation, the May 8, 1162, a raid was organized in Mount Escornalbou to expel the last Moorish refugees there. The monastery was slowly forgotten until 1920 Eduardo Toda, bibliophile and diplomat, bought the building. He made a profound transformation to convert the old monastery in a stately mansion in which stored numerous books and antiques.


Highly recommended.

Peñíscola, also known as the City in the Sea, is crowned at the top of the rock on which it stands by the castle Pope Luna, a Templar fortress dating from 1307 and was transformed into a stunning watchtower, he was surrounded by all the walls that protect the old city.


Highly recommended.

High up the side of a mountain in the Montserrat national park is this 12th century Benedictine monastery. The monastery site feels like a small village and boast a variety of shops and restaurants alongside the religious offerings. The delicatessen and liqueur tasting are particularly popular and get busy very quickly.

The location offers fantastic views over the province, and for those brave enough to follow one of the many hilly walking trails some fantastic photo opportunities await. Nearby camping facilities make this site very popular with walkers.

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Coordinates Place Letter on Map
41.118022,1.004904 Montbrió Terms A
41.044485,0.927268 Golf Club Bonmont B
41.376724,1.164464 Montblanc C
41.380459,1.080017 Santa Maria de Poblet D
41.25813,0.932362 Siurana E
41.308857,0.988466 Prades F
40.956178,0.315928 Horta St. Joan G
41.128039,0.916993 Escornalbou H
40.359123,0.404852 Peñíscola I
41.593942,1.839672 Montserrat J

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